Kitchen Renewal

Kitchen Renewal

Give your kitchen a facelift

Completely revive your cupboards and toekicks life with fresh colour. New handles and appliances make a huge difference to any kitchen bringing it back to life we can provide great deals on most kitchen hardware. Make your floor shine with beautiful quartz tiles installed by Benchstone

Bench tops:

We offer a range of bench tops products including 20 or 30mm solid engineered quartz with a vast array of colours to select from, all handcrafted. Our beautifully handcrafted bench tops and realistic pricing makes us competitive in the market providing quality results that exceed your expectations.



We offer a full range of kitchen cabinetry or the option to completely reface your existing cabinetry including everything from doors to the finer details on the handles. We have an extensive colour palette to select from and use high quality melamine in majority of our products to ensure the finished product is durable and high quality. We offer free no obligation quotes with installation included.  



We offer a variety of splashback products including 7mm engineered stone splashbacks or reflection splashbacks designed with top quality aluminium composite materials. We provide 12 colours that you can take your selection from. Benchstone can promise that you will receive quality results on all our Splashback installations, we are known as the approved installers for reflection Splashbacks. Get a glass looking splashback for a fraction of the price with all jobs having a 7 year warranty.


Bathroom and Laundry:

Benchstone offers a range of bathroom and laundry services including the design and installation of solid engineered quartz bathroom vanity top with 20 or 30mm thickness. There is the alternative option of a 7mm stone overlay vanity top with 20-30mm thickness.


Other bathroom and laundry services include:

  • Floating vanities
  • Bathroom basins
  • 7mm stone bath surrounds
  • 7mm stone splashbacks
  • Stone divider/feature panel
  • 7mm engineered stone overlay laundry tops
  • Laundry sinks


Existing kitchen refurbishment

Benchstone offers extensive services in complete refurbishments of existing kitchens. This includes removing all old discoloured silicon, cutting out old glue join and deep cleaning the area with special stone solution. Our aim is to make your kitchen look and feel brand new. Our service includes applying fresh silicone, refilling joins and applying colour enhancing solution that brings old stone back to life and seals off the bench top to prevent future stains.

This service can be provided from $400+gst.


Sinks (Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry)

We have a range of 80 sinks to choose from with additional accessories available. Our flexible terms allow supply only or full installation with free shipping included. We ensure only the best quality therefore offering a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel sinks and 10 years warranty on all eco-granite sinks.


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