Sinks + Accessories

Sinks + Accessories

Give your kitchen a facelift

Completely revive your cupboards and toekicks life with fresh colour. New handles and appliances make a huge difference to any kitchen bringing it back to life we can provide great deals on most kitchen hardware. Make your floor shine with beautiful quartz tiles installed by Benchstone

Everything, Including The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink will see a lot of usage in it’s lifetime, so it is best to make sure you get one that’s going to last a lifetime. We have access to top quality kitchen sinks and accessories that will complete your kitchen look.

Kitchen Accessories

The detail you pay to the small items will make your dream kitchen look complete. We have an excellent agreement with one of New Zealand’s leading plumbing and building suppliers to bring you top quality kitchen products that include sinks, taps, (kitchen and laundry) as well as various others. Make the most of our special rates and get your accessories from IKON LOGO, supplied and fitted by Benchstone.


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